Comedy Skills Workshops at Allen Neighborhood Center


Comedy Coven, in partnership with the Allen Neighborhood Center, is thrilled to announce that we are now offering a series of six public education workshops on the process and practice of creating comedy!

Since we began producing comedy shows in Lansing nearly two years ago, we've made it a priority to help establish a supportive artistic space for aspiring comedians and creators. The curriculum and structure of these workshops are designed to encourage those who are not traditionally served or acknowledged by the mainstream comedy community.

Comedy Coven has found success because of being surrounded by a giving and supportive community, and these workshops are one of our attempts at reciprocating that gift.

The workshops will take place at the Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC) on Thursday evenings from January 19 to February 23, culminating in a performance by the students in ANC’s Great Room space following the final session.

Topics covered will include confidence, comedy writing fundamentals, comedy genres and mediums, promotional strategies, and web-based comedy formats. Students may register for individual sessions, but students interested in performing after the final session are encouraged to attend four of the six workshops.

No pre-requisite experience is necessary. We request a $5 to $10 donation per session for workshop attendees, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. Registration is available at, and space is limited. For more information, contact us at!

January 2017 Events and Announcements

Now that the horrors of 2016 have ended (not really, time is a social construct and/or flat circle, everything is awful, nothing matters), Comedy Coven is ready and raring to go in 2017. January will be one of our most exciting months yet, and we can't wait to show you what we've been brewing up!

Pictured: Jamie Loftus

Pictured: Jamie Loftus

First, we are proud to present our first "Comedy Coven Presents" adventure, as we bring Jamie Loftus to Mac's Bar in Lansing on January 15. Jamie is a hilarious and accomplished comic who has performed with comics such as Maria Bamford, Kumail Nanjiani and Chris Hardwick. We can't wait to share the stage with her! Visit our friends at Fusion Shows for tickets and information.


Next, on January 17, Comedy Coven will return to our cozy comedy home, The Robin Theatre in Lansing, for Comedy Coven XXIII: WITCHDRAWAL. This latest continuation of the Comedy Coven saga, written and directed by comedian Matt Gulley, follows Emily, Tricia, and Steph as they face their past transgressions and try to make a fresh start in "witch rehab." Also gracing the stage will be Detroit comic Mike Stanley and returning audience favorite Sarah Jean Anderson, as well as some surprise guests and familiar faces! Tickets are available for $7 on Eventbrite. These shows sell out, so get your tickets while you can!


Lastly, beginning January 19, Comedy Coven will be hosting a series of comedy skills workshops at the Allen Neighborhood Center (ANC) on Lansing's Eastside. This has been part of our vision since Comedy Coven's inception, and we are thrilled to be able to make it a reality. We are often asked by aspiring comedians how to get started in comedy, so we have designed a series of workshops on topics such as comedy writing, branding and representation, combating stage fright, and more. Registration is limited; please register here, and view our press release for more information!

2016 was a landmark year for Comedy Coven; the outpouring of support we've received from the community has been overwhelming and only encourages us to keep getting bigger and refining our craft. We're looking forward to showing you everything we have in store in 2017.

A S.A.D. Thank You

Photo by Hailey Lamb

Photo by Hailey Lamb

From Facebook:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Comedy Coven XXII: SAD II (SOLD OUT) to deck the halls and trim the non-religiously-specific holiday plant with us! 2016 has been a monumental year for Comedy Coven, and we couldn't think of a better way to close it out than with the loving community that got us this far.
Our ever-growing support team was absolutely indispensable last night. Thanks to Becca, Irving, Daniel, Dan, Lizy, Casey, and Julia; Jeana-Dee and Dylan at The Robin Theatre; and of course, our performers Lauren, Abby, NeNe, and Justin. Sincere and hearty shouts also go out to those who have vocally supported us in our efforts to build our little show that could into a patriarchy-fighting laughter machine.
This was our second year in the S.A.D. tradition, and although depression runs cold through our veins year 'round, we are so happy to have had the chance to share all of our high highs and low lows with you in 2016. If you missed last night's show, don't forget to subscribe to our events so that you can snag tickets to future shows before they sell out. We can't wait to see you again on January 17, 2017!

"Comedy Coven XXII: S.A.D. II" Sold Out!


From Facebook:

Our December show, Comedy Coven XXII: SAD II, is officially sold out! We want to extend a sincere thanks to our community for the truly humbling outpouring of support we've seen in 2016 and especially over the last 24 hours. Comedy Coven was borne out of the belief that there truly is an audience out there for conscious, experimental comedy, and you have beyond proved that. Thank you all so much for giving us a reason to stay sharp and continually refine our craft. You have shown us on so many occasions that you are here for us. Now it's time for us to show that we are here for you.
Typically, we set aside a small handful of comp tickets for special guests and industry folks. This time, as a thank you to our growing audience, we'd rather offer those to the people who have helped us get to where we are today. If you were unable to purchase a ticket due to financial constraints, please send our page a private message and we will make sure to get you on the will call list free of charge. It doesn't matter if this is your first Comedy Coven show or your fifteenth; your presence is our priority. We can only offer a small number of these admissions due to space, comfort, and fire codes, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you if you are in need.
We'd also like to thank the several folks who contributed financially in addition to their ticket purchases. These donations will help us compensate our performers and the growing group of people who work hard to make our show the best that it can be. In our time at The Robin Theatre, we have amassed a tirelessly supportive team with an awe-inspiring skill set ranging from administrative assistance to theatre tech. We do our best to ensure that everyone who helps our show succeed, from the audience to the comics to the theatre proprietors, feels our gratitude as powerfully as we do, while still keeping our ticket prices fair and democratic.
This show is our labor of love, and 2016 has been a transformative year for Comedy Coven. We could not have made it this far without the support of our warm, vibrant, and enthusiastic community. Thank you for helping us thrive. We can't wait to see you this Tuesday and beyond.
Stephanie, Tricia, and Emily
The Comedy Coven

MSU Press for Comedy Coven

Comedy Coven was lucky enough to be featured in two different MSU-based media today!

In the State News, Jaimie Bozack writes about community, laughter, and mental illness. We enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on how Comedy Coven has grown since Jaimie interviewed us just over a year ago. Read the article here.

Earlier this fall, we sat down with Erica Marra and talked about everything from feminism to farts. Read her article for The Impact 89FM here.

Thanks to Jaimie and Erica for the interviews and insights! For more of Comedy Coven in the media, check out our press page.