The Robin Theatre in LSJ!

Check out this cool piece from the Lansing State Journal about our friends Jeana-Dee and Dylan at The Robin Theatre! It even features some quotes from our very own Steph:

The Comedy Coven is a group of three comedians: Stephanie Onderchanin, Tricia Chamberlain and Emily Syrja. They’ve been performing at the Robin Theatre since it opened. They do shows monthly now, “definitely (from) a feminist perspective,” Onderchanin says. Their goal is to create comedy that is not rooted in oppressive language or marginalization.

”The Robin Theatre is very much more people-centric and not just interacting with a place,” said Onderchanin. “You’re interacting with all of these people, all of these creators. We got lots of encouragement from Dylan and Jeana-Dee to develop our comedy in ways that we’ve been wanting to go.”

She calls them “a perfect blend of creative and professional.”

”They encourage creativity but things get done. And we have the conversations that need to happen. It’s a really nice blend of both business and the flexibility and open-ended-ness that artists and creatives crave. I credit so much of our success to what they have done for us and given to us.”

Congratulations to Jeana-Dee and Dylan on the continued success and growth of the venue that has become our performance home!

In case you missed it, check out the LSJ's March feature on Comedy Coven here.