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Comedy Coven was formed out of a series of hangs in late 2014 between a group of Lansing-based women comedians. They produced their first show in Emily's living room in February 2015. By that September, the show started to include original sketches and has moved into The Robin Theatre in Lansing's up-and-coming REO Town area. In 2016, Comedy Coven added web video content to their comedic repertoire, furthering their attempt to take over the world one thumbs up at a time. 

In addition to their multi-format show at The Robin, Comedy Coven has performed at a variety of events all over the Midwest, including standup showcases, benefits and fundraisers, community events, live film commentaries, and private parties. Click here for a list of upcoming performances.




Emily Syrja is a comedic writer and performer based in Lansing, MI. She has written for Reductress and the collaborative blog Buddy System. Since the first Comedy Coven production in Emily’s living room, Emily has continued to inject her unique brand of nihilistic yet affable humor into the group dynamic via sketch writing, constantly evolving stand-up performance, and “adorable li’l guy” antics. In her spare time, Emily’s interests include runic divination, loudly counseling others on their emotional journeys, and dog farts. Visit her on social media and at



Hailing from Detroit, Tricia Chamberlain has been doing standup in the Midwest for several  years. Tricia's comedy is just like her personality: loud, self-deprecating, charmingly bitchy, and totally absurd. She does a good portion of Comedy Coven's digital art and a good portion of their alcohol consumption as well. Besides being a founding member of Comedy Coven, she's opened for such comedy goddesses as Jamie Loftus, Jen Kirkman, Jessimae Peluso, Joe DeRosa and Emily Heller. Her other accolades include being a top five finalist of 2015 Laughfest's Funniest Person in Grand Rapids competition, and most recently took home the grand prize in a local radio station's "Gaga for Gaga" Lady Gaga Look-a-Like contest.

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Stephanie is a comedian, food writer, illustrator and humble creator based out of Lansing, Michigan. Her jokes about food, the internet and pop culture unite the mundane with the surreal. Her website has details on her voluptuous body of work. Stephanie was very intimidated by how funny Emily and Tricia's bios were and doesn't feel like she did a good job with this but that's how it goes. Check out her website/blog at



Fan favorite Sarah Jean was a regular on Comedy Coven's monthly showcase so much that in 2018 Comedy Coven decided to initiate her in the cult as a regularly occuring witch.